Contact Cards

Look, I made contact cards!

My original thought was to get cosplay contact cards, and I started designing them with this in mind.  I wanted to have something to hand people at cons so they can tag me in photos or otherwise reach out.

As I was putting the images together, I realized that I don’t have many good cosplay pictures.  After all, I haven’t been doing it for that long.  Looking online at examples of other cosplayers’ contact cards (and websites and social media), I realize that unlike most of them I don’t really identify myself as a cosplayer.  I’m an artist and cosplaying is just one of several creative hobbies.

So, I decided to make my contact cards a little broader.  The images include cosplay and other artwork, and the contact information isn’t all about cosplay.  In fact, the first site listed is this blog – which contains an assortment of tidbits from my life.

Now I wonder if I’ll actually manage to give out any cards or if I’ll end up chickening out.  But I’ll be attending DragonCon soon, so I guess it’ll be a test of sorts.

If  you found this page because you received one of my cards, please leave a note!  I’d love to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “Contact Cards

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