Start of Something New

I decided to start this blog to put some of my random thoughts out into the world.  Maybe someone will even read them.  Maybe someone – maybe you – might just find them interesting.  Who knows?

I don’t know what direction my ramblings will go.  There are so many different aspects of my life, interests, and personality that seem so disparate at times.  I imagine this blog will sometimes seem like quite the haphazard collection of musings.  It would only be appropriate.

Is there anything I do foresee?  Topics and discussions as varied as the facets of my life.  I’m an artist and a crafter.  I’m a musician and a performer.  I’m a mother, wife, sister, daughter.  I’m an imperfect human with passions, fears, hopes, doubts, and dreams.  And I think I have something to offer the world

And so something new begins.Butterfly crop

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